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Bad Ice-Cream 2

Bad Ice-Cream 2

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How to play

Bad Ice-Cream 2 Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game and press "Q" for action

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Continuation of the series, which tells about the peculiar actions of bad ice cream. Again you find yourself in a refrigerator filled with various fruits. Many new opportunities have been added, now hunting for useful fruits will be even more interesting. Give a chance to cold sweets, let them harm the teeth and throat. Bad ice cream 2 is a game that has all the best from the last part and replenished with many new features. You definitely will have something to do, the time spent will be filled with interesting moments.

Bad Ice Cream 2 game is really great

You are in the real refrigerator in a new part it constantly freezes with ice. You can only break through the temporary path, but soon the ice will fill the created walkway. There you will face previously unseen fruit protectors, there are rivals who can fly, they do not use labyrinths for movement and are very dangerous. The refrigerator itself also prepared surprises, there are large pieces of ice that can not be broken. Some ice blocks are mobile they slide without stopping along a certain trajectory. Such a bar can easily crush your yummy, be careful.

Bad Ice-Cream 2Bad Ice-Cream 2 gamesPlay Bad Ice-Cream 2

Unfortunately the graphics has not been improved in bad ice cream two but it is still cool the way it is. You and enemies will move faster on certain tiles, fruits disappear and reappear others move around. Pineapple can untwist its stalk as a propeller and fly, so try to catch this extremely frisky fruit. The first really difficult level most likely will be eighth: a lot of ice and one really challenging rival who tries to catch you and suck you in his trunk. He can fly, so your ice buildings are not scary at all. The task is rather complicated on this level, you will need to collect three kinds of fruit, but the strawberries will be running away. The ninth level will test your logical thinking, the way to the fruit is blocked by fires, which can only be temporarily extinguished. It is necessary to build an ice cube in place of the fire to stop to for a while. Take down your cube and move on, collect the fruits and return, the fire will light up again soon. In a simple way, you need to clear four sectors from useful sweets, but in each of them there is a monster that awaits on you. So you will really need to use your brain to solve this puzzled situation.

Play Bad Ice Cream 2 to have fun

One of the advantages of two players mode is that the gameplay will become much more fun with a friend. It is not necessary to begin the passage of two, a friend can start playing with you at any level. Levels will become easier for you as the death of one character will not lead to the loss of the entire team and to a complete restart. Choose your favorite heroes, added new tastes. It can be vanilla ice cream or chewing gum, strawberry or chocolate, it will be very difficult to determine.

Bad ice cream 2 unblocked continues the first part, traditions were preserved and excellent changes were introduced. Try playing with your child, the game is suitable for all ages. You will only have positive emotions and good memories after you try it.

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