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Gon and Mon

Gon and Mon

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How to play

Gon and Mon Controls Use arrow keys and WSAD keys to play this game.

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Gon and Mon are very different, but they are united by a thirst to eat bananas. It's the turn to multiply the power of monkeys and find huge banana palm trees. Invite a friend to arrange a real banana hunt. Heroes must share responsibilities and quickly carry out a common task. Only this way you will be able to demonstrate the best result. Mon being gorilla is meant for dangerous things. He can extinguish the fire, it does not happen with a miniature monkey. Gon is a small hero, he deals with precise work. How can he break the bridges over water and sustain his own weight? These questions are not answered. The monkey kid jumps very far. Let the more experienced player take control over this character. A number of duties of a small monkey is suitable for experienced gamers. Run the first level at full speed ahead!

A game about monkeys for two players

Gon and Mon game is a real classic of the genre. You have already mastered the tasks with collective forces. You need more bananas! Carefully inspect the level before starting to move. Perhaps one of the players will need to move in the opposite direction relative to the partner. Find out your goal and what obstacles wait in you on the level.

Gon and Mongon and mon gamegon game

Controls are carried out on the keyboard so to two players can play simultaneously. This process is rather simple even the smallest gamers will be able to figure it out. Controls is one thing and the task is completely different. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a counter of collected banners. You need to get to the palm trees, along the way you have to collect all the bananas, thereby keep the counter going. It does not matter which of the heroes will work to collect bananas. Most likely a small monkey can do most of the job. The third level suggests to solve a simple logical task, calculate your steps until the task is completed. In the situation on the third level you need to do the following. Collect three bananas, a large monkey must lift a small one on the floor above. Mon must drop the stone and go down. There he needs to lift Gon up and jump after him. A number of simple steps will lead you to the goal. The fourth level will suggest working with moving platforms and levers. It does not make sense to explain the principle of their work, you must have faced such mechanisms in other flash games. The fourth level will split the duties of the heroes. One must squeeze into a narrow path, the second one must break the wall. Only teamwork will bring the desired fruit.

Really cool monkey game

Gon game can be played for free and without registration. This game has twenty well-developed levels and the ability to play two heroes with different skills. The spacious jungles are full of fruits, why not to collect it? Monkeys may perish, injury to one team member will not allow continuing the game. Tune in for a slow passage, try to find the right approach to each level. Change monkeys, gain experience in controlling different characters. Explore all the locations, it will bring unforgettable memories. The jungle is a very interesting part of wildlife!

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