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Battle City

Battle City

: 3021

How to play

Battle City Game Controls Use WSAD and arrow keys to move, press J and Ctrl button to attack.

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Remember your past successes or fight in a completely new environment. Those who have already played this game, possibly on NES consoles, will be pleased to recall it, other players need to learn a lot and master their skills. Prepare yourself, it is going to be hot.

Play Battle City Online

Choose game mode for one or two players and start the game. You will find a map-maze built of different materials, they have their own properties and functions. On your side there is the headquarters, it looks like an eagle inside of bricked. It is necessary to protect the eagle from the enemy, the brick is not strong and reliable enough. If you see a shovel on the map try to get it, then the protection of the eagle for a while becomes concrete and impenetrable. In Battle City game there are many more bonuses that will help you. Destroy enemy tanks, if you want see how many of them left at the level look in the upper right corner of the screen.

Battle Citybattle city nesbattle city game

Shooting enemy tanks is the main task, there are four types of opponents. They are different in appearance and have different capabilities and you will get different number of points for their destruction. There are fast and elusive opponents, others can not be destroyed with a single shot. Battle City Tanks allows you to upgrade your tank, collect stars and get new opportunities. Additional actions can be performed with the help of bonuses, they often appear on the battlefield. Pick up the tank and you will have another life and the helmet will make the tank temporarily invincible. The grenade icon will explode all the enemy tanks on the map, and the clock will stop them for a while.

Features of Battle City

The game has its own built-in map editor, you can build your map and play a level on it. With the "K" button, you can choose the material for construction, and the "J" button in this mode executes the "build" command. The first player moves both in the editor and in combat with the buttons "W, A, S, D". The second player can play with arrows to attack use “Ctrl” button. The controls are shown in details on the right side of the screen, you will not be able to get confused and you can always look at the hint. It is the same battle city from nesThis wonderful game will be very popular among experienced computer game enthusiasts and novice gamers, it has everything for a great pastime.

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