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Tank Biathlon Game ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Tank Biathlon

Tank biathlon is a cool shooter and clicker in one application. Your squad of tanks must withstand a huge number of opponents. The equipment of your rivals is more diverse. Your task is to cover maximum distance. The task is not easy, it all depends on the configuration of your unit. The number of fighters and the amount of resources spent. Use earned money to upgrade your tanks. You need to quickly click on the button with the target image. The number of hits determines the damage level! Be very dexterous, your mouse is the main tool to influence your opponent.

Tank Biathlon Game

Tank biathlon game will please with its upgrade menu. You can upgrade the squad with the help of new members you can have as many as eight of them. In such a crowd, you can hope for a good result. From the first second of the battle, you will the the button that looks like the target. Do not miss those important seconds and inflict the maximum amount of damage.

Tank BiathlonTank Biathlon gameplay Tank Biathlon

It is necessary to increase power, health reserve and skill of regeneration of your tank. The first two characteristics can be seen in most games with development. Skill regeneration allows, in a break between fights and even during fights, to do nothing and restore the health of the squad. The opponent has quantitative advantage, but the speed of the attack is not impressive your squad. Do not let your wards take damage for some time, it will all depend on your ability to be a fast clicker. Do not scare parents, the frequency of clicks of the left mouse button can scare anyone, do not break your mouse. The tank race will be very hot, you need to destroy your rivals calmly and smoothly upgrade your tanks after fights. Try your strength again and again and as a reward you will be paid money. Completely upgraded team will be able to set a record. Such a record will be able to compete with the results of other gamers around the world.

Tank Biathlon Online for Free

You can have a really good time playing tank biathlon online. The plot in its entirety can be seen only after several hours of playing. There is no so called sports in this game. Now you need to create a dangerous squad and fully engage in fights. In this case you will win.