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Awesome Tanks

Awesome Tanks

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How to play

Awesome Tanks Game Controls Use WSAD - to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

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Awesome Tanks is an excellent game about tanks in the labyrinth. Dangerous terrain swarming with opponents. In classic games, usually undiscovered location is hidden behind the dark texture this game is no exception. Your enemies also do not see you and often do not notice right away. Now your task is pretty simple and straightforward. You need to explore the location, to find and to destroy the headquarters of the opponent. It looks like a huge concrete block. When the building explodes the level is over, the transition to a new location becomes available.

Amazing online tank game

Awesome Tanks game will appeal to all fans of heavy equipment, shooters and free applications. Time in this game runs very fast, excellent mood to you is guaranteed.

Awesome Tanks gameAwesome TanksAwesome Tanks games

Your vehicle will suffer from constant attacks from opponents. Your dexterity and reaction will help you avoid most of the shots, but there are a lot of rivals out there. The escape from the situation is very simple you need to buy upgrades. In the game about Tanks there is an excellent upgrade menu earn gold for the destruction of enemy equipment and for various items found in the the labyrinth.

Awesome Tanks online is the bomb

Play Awesome Tanks to experience unbelievable emotions. The cool menu can be studied for ages, but you need to spend your money wisely. For three thousand you can buy a second class protection. Also it is necessary to increase the viewing range this improvement will cost you one and a half thousand. The speed of rotation of the gun is an important characteristic. But in the beginning of the game it is better to spend your gold on something else other that weapons. You can increase the maximum speed, then you will be able to hide the tank behind the corners of the labyrinths. Standard and any other cannons can be improved, but all this cost money. Shotguns, missile launchers and even a laser becomes available after a while. Buy only the best equipment for your military machine! Look through your awards, you will be awarded for good results on the battlefield. Become the owner of gold medals, the tankmen can receive medal of honor. Read the name of the medals and see the terms and conditions that must be met to obtain them. Destroy the blocks and everyone who hides behind them! The game is absolutely free and does not require registration, have fun.

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