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Super Battle City

Super Battle City

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How to play

Super Battle City Game Controls Use arrow keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

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Super Battle City is a game about tanks. Funny remake of the famous game from a 8-bit NES consoles. In this version of the game you play alone and go through various levels with many episodes in each of them. Now you can not rely on a partner you act alone. Without the upgrades you can not go through anything except training. Increase firepower and move on to a new level. The first task requires the protection of the headquarters. In the upper right corner of the screen you can see the image of the tank the number next to it indicates the number of enemies still alive. The technique of the rival is very diverse. You do not need to understand how they look and attack, the goal is one - you need to destroy all the opponents of the headquarters.

Super Battle City game is for fans of dynamic shootings

Super Battle City online will not be fun for just one night. You need to go through all the levels and create the tank that will be able to withstand the whole division. The menu of the upgrade store is simply impressive it takes a lot of time to apply all the improvements. The upgrade menu covers a lot of tank’s characteristics.

Super Battle CitySuper Battle City gameplay super battle city

During the battles you need to pick up bonuses, these small symbols on the card can do a lot of cool things. You can call up for reinforcements and your clone can execute enemies. He has no fear of bullets and has endless lives which will perfectly help you in the game. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a timer the friend bonus is temporary and you will receive support for only a certain period of time. There is a bonus that make the headquarters invincible, it is also not permanent and will lose its power within a few minutes. Look for other bonuses, pick up guns for long-range attack and heavy-duty protection.

Super Battle City Tanks is a perfect game for Boys

In the conditions of the game you will need dexterity and determination. The Cannon of your monster tank can spin in all directions with incredible speed the controls are carried out on the mouse. Upgrade caterpillars to improve the high-speed qualities of your transport. Improve the bunker and the tank will become more durable. Minimize the spread, in this case all the projectiles will hit the target exactly. Spend your earned money to increase the frequency of receiving bonuses. You can buy cool rockets and even laser cannons to arm your transport. Protect yourself from attacks by using locators. Work like a real pro do not give enemies a chance.

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