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Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack

Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack

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How to play

Papa Louie 3 controls Use space to attack and arrow keys to move around

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Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack is a game from a series about famous chef, but this time you don’t have to cook. Now workers have to put down the rebellion of various delicacies, ice cream and marshmallows will attack you. This arcade game is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. It is simple straightforward and endlessly fun. Once you try it you will not be able to stop playing.

Papa Louie 3

New restaurant is ready to start working. But the plans were disrupted due to a mutant scientist, who revived all the products and tried to kidnap all the employees.

Papa Louie 3papa louies game 3papa louie 3 when sundaes attack

Only captain Corey managed to escape, she immediately rushed to rescue her friends. She will have to find workers of Papa Louie 3 and together defeat the evil scientist. On their way they will meet mad and furious ice cream and marshmallows, bananas and strawberries want to stop you too. This game is an opportunity to have good time and a great adventure with nine levels. Jump on the rooftops and dive into the waters of dungeons. You need to gather stars from hard to reach places, at the bottom of the screen you can see how many stars you’ve collected and the time spent in current level. There you can also find indicator of your lives.

Features of Papa Louie when Sundaes Attack

The Papa Louie when sundaes attack is in a completely different genre, now you can play arcade with your favorite characters in the lead roles. Controls are performed on keyboard, press arrows to move. You can run, jump and swim, to attack enemies use the spacebar. You can change the settings in the menu. So it makes the game more adjustable. It only makes it better.

Papa Louie 3 game is an interesting adventure

Levels in ice cream game are well designed and consist of several locations. You will visit different places, each will have its own peculiarities. Mountain space with lakes, wild beaches and suburban areas is just the beginning. Papa Louie 3 game will bring you positive emotions. It is impossible to get bored while playing this masterpiece. This app is created with a lot love and fun in mind, no wonder it is so popular among gamers all the world.

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