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Papa’s Freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria

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How to play

Papa’s Freezeria Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Papa’s Freezeria

It is time to learn how to cook

Penny and Alberto like many other young people, dream of work where one does not need to work much but still gets good money. They find an announcement about this kind of job. Position of waiter in ice cream cafe on the island with a population of 12 people - what could be better? Around you there are beaches sea and sun. Such an offer is impossible to refuse and our heroes accept job offer without hesitation. But when they get to their place of work, the owner of the cafe Papa Freezeria - famous chef Papa Louie leaves the island. And it turns out that in Papa’s Freezeria game there are way more customers than they expected. When huge cruise liner docks the island with an impressive number of tourists on board, ice cream freezeria turns into really busy place. After all what else does a person need in hot weather, but a portion of ice cream?

You have no choice but learn all your duties and start the work immediately. Your duties are: taking orders, cooking meals, serving the visitors and finally providing a check. Papa’s Freezeria game will teach you multitasking.

How to play this amazing game

You start to play Papa’s Freezeria game from the counter where people are placing orders. You write down all their wishes on paper and attach it to the top rope. Then go to the room where the ice cream is made. In fact you'll be cooking sundae - an ice cream dessert. Initially check the size of the cup, ordered by the customer. With the help of the machine, located in the first room you pour milk into a glass, it is necessary that the indicator was in the green sector, which is in the middle of the scale. Next you need to choose the taste of ice cream. In the beginning of the game, there are only three flavors: strawberry, blueberry and praline flavor. Then comes the syrup, vanilla and chocolate. Then you need to whip it all, but make sure that the whipping time is the same as the customer desires. Next comes toppings, all kinds of powders, whipped creams, chocolate and fruits for decoration. All this must be nicely decorated, as stated in the tooltip. When sundae is ready, grab a order sheet and forward to the visitor. Your work will be fairly valued, according to work on all of the four stations. And only then you get the money you earn. This is how you play Papa’s Freezeria.

Practice doing everything as accurately and correctly as you can, it will give you a better ranking and more tips. At the end of the day you will be provided with statistics on your work and you'll know what you're good at and where you should try and improve yourself. It is also possible to receive a prize for your work. All Papa’s games are free online.

Papa’s Freezeria games can be interesting not only to the girls but boys as well. Begin playing Papa’s Freezeria free right now and have endless fun.

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