Papa’s Burgeria - welcome to cooking dreamland of Papa’s Burgeria
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Papa’s Burgeria

Papa’s Burgeria

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How to play

Papa’s Burgeria Controls Use mouse to play this game

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This game is an easy way to make burgers

Papa’s Burgeria game is very simple. First you will need to select an empty slot to save the game. Then you will be asked to enter your name. Then you choose which character you want to play. You choose between Rita and Marty. After choosing the character, you will see a short video about how they came to work for such a famous chef like Papa Louie.

Papa’s Burgeria

This is how everything happened. Marty and Rita received letters with a note from Papa Louie. The note indicated the venue. Upon arrival at the place they discover that in their city there is a newly opened cafe. And they were lucky to be invited to work there. Now, their success will depend on you, you will have to show your skill of cooking fast food.

You start Papa’s burgeria game from behind the counter. Next go to the grill where you will fry patties. After that you go to the kitchen, where you put all the ingredients into a finished meal. Then you go back to the counter and take the first order. All customer's requirements should be written down on a separate sheet. Order sheet is fastened to a special rope at the top. So you can organize your workspace and faster to navigate around it. When you go to the kitchen or grill, you can drag an order with you and it makes work easier.

Enjoy flipping burgers

How to make a hamburger? Everything is very simple in Burgeria game. First you need to fry hamburger. Of course you need to know how client wants it to be cooked. Yellow colour means medium. Drag raw patty to the grill. Point the arrow on it to see the temperature and cooking time. Watch the clock to turn the patty over at the right time. To continue Papa’s Burgeria game, you need to go to the kitchen. Take the bottom of the bun and put it on the work surface. Then you need to put ingredients listed in the order sheet on the bun. You have to put the products as evenly as possible, it will affect the price of the order. On the right side there are sauces: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and barbecue sauce. You have to drag the correct sauce on burgers, aim and release. When the order is ready drag the sheet with the order to the tray. Your client will examine and evaluate your cooking. Over crooked burgers are not highly appreciated and don’t bring you a lot of money, so try your best.

Play to learn how to make burgers and have fun at the same time. At the end of the game look at your progress, how well you did. There will be indicators such as the total score for quality of service, burger itself, waiting time, the number of visitors and most important is your tips. Burgeria is for true lovers of cooking. Also don’t forget to watch Papa’s burgeria walkthrough.

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