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Magic Pen

Magic Pen

: 676

How to play

Use mouse to play this game.

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Magic Pen is a great entertainment that will test your ingenuity, this way you can arrange a real training for the brain. Magic your pencil is considered because of its unique properties, draw a figure and it will become real, but only in the conditions of the game of course. This is quite enough to solve the problems that are presented in this game of logic. At each level you will find the same task, you must deliver the red ball beyond a certain line, it is marked with a flag. Use the laws of physics and your only tool. You do not have to get used to the various rules, everything here is built on the rules that we have known since childhood. A round rolls if pushed, and the angle of inclination is responsible for the trajectory along which our ball will pass. Have a great time and get a lot of positive emotions, this experience will be useful for the smallest players. Adults this lesson will bring no less benefit, because the job is not easy.

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