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How to play

Use mouse to play this game.

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Tetris is a classic entertainment and now popular around the world. This game will literally change your mind, try the good old Tetris in a new look. On the screen you see the console and the TV, the game Tetris is running. Everything is very simple: various figures from small squares go down the playing field. Collect squares in a row and they will disappear, for this you are awarded points. On the left side of the screen you can see how many pieces were in the game, the number of retracted lines is displayed at the top, on the right side you can see the next shape, current level of difficulty and points earned. In Tetris, you need to change the position of the falling figure, this is done for the purpose of collecting lines. Do not allow piles of pieces, if they rise too high you lose. It is necessary to carefully lay the cubes in the desired position, then a line is formed and the structure decreases.

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