Mighty Knight - the adventures are waiting on you, face your destiny in the doom castle.
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Mighty Knight

Mighty Knight

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How to play

Mighty Knight Controls J or Z - attack; K, L or X, C - special abilities, W, A, S, D - for movement. Double tapping the arrow down or up - rolls over.

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Mighty Knight

You are a Mighty Knight, who executes the orders of the king. You have no fear and the forces of evil is something you fight every day. Your valor and courage stand on protecting the interests of the kingdom.

Mighty Knight game let the fight begin

Mighty Knight game begins when the king gives you the order to defeat all the villains and to get to the main villain in the Doom castle and to kill him. So you are on the battlefield alone, but you are a tough warrior. You have no one to rely but yourself. Although, over time, you will have helpers. You will have to fight against eighteen kinds of enemies. In the beginning you will fight with armed pig and soldiers skeletons. And as you play the game on new level you will face more and more different enemies. Each enemy has its strong and weak sides. Is is so much fun to play Mighty Knight with family and friends.

Features of Mighty Knight 1

Your work will be rewarded, you will get paid for each killed enemy, but what to do with the money? You have to spend it on improvements of your knight. This feature brings into Mighty Knight 1 certain element of strategy. Upgrade your hero in many ways, such as: defence, weapon, mobility and others. Each of these improvements will give your hero huge advantage on the battlefield, choose them wisely. You can also improve the skills of your helpers.

Mighty Knight is also interesting because there is an incredibly cool table of achievements. And that is very important to claim cash for your achievements. Not in every game you are given money for Achievement. Therefore fight till the end on the battlefield to open every achievement there is.

Play Mighty Knight 1 on different locations, before you get to the Doom castle. Your path will lie on the fields, forests and mountains, before you reach your goal, but it is worth it. Go for victory.

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