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The Mario Bros

The Mario Bros

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How to play

Mario Bros game controls Use the arrows to move. Press X to jump, press Z button to attack whenever it is possible.

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Mario Bros - two famous brother who miraculously ended up in some parallel world. Now they have some serious task to liberate the princess and to defeat all the enemies. This game is full of adventures.

Do you like Mario Brothers game

While working in the sewers the Mario Bros discovered the door to a parallel world. It is filled with its inhabitants and lives by its own rules. There are a lot of dangers and unexpected bonuses there.

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In the beginning of Mario brothers game you are offered to choose a character: you can play Mario or Luigi. Before entering the first level you need to train a little. You will receive explanations of what to do when the hero is next to the bulb. In the game you can jump off the walls, so you can get out of the pits and jump higher.

Features of the Mario bros game

The Mario Bros will provide you with many opportunities Try and learn them all for a better gaming experience. Now you can throw the shell of a defeated turtle at your enemies. Collect coins and mushrooms, they are hidden in the brick blocks. Mushrooms are transforming hero, after the first mushroom he will grow, and after the second one he can throw fireballs. There are carnivorous plants in the pipes, they regularly come outside. Other residents of the parallel world are also very dangerous. Here as in the old game you just need to jump on your enemy’s head to defeat him. As you can see it the old good game we all love so much. Absolutely classic without pretty much any changes and available now for free online. What a great present to fans or just to regular avarage gamers.

How to play Mario Bros Online

The controls are simple, use the arrows to move. Press X to jump, press Z button to attack whenever it is possible. In the upper right corner of the screen shows the points earned and the time remaining and on the left you can see the number of lives and collected coins. Immerse yourself in the world of Mario Bros online. As you can see this game is as straightforward as it can only be, which makes it great treasure. So don’t hesitate anymore open it and start playing.

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