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Mahjong Gardens

Mahjong Gardens

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How to play

Mahjong Gardens Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Mahjong Gardens

The history of the game Mahjong

Mahjong Gardens Game is a modified online solitaire version of the original Chinese gambling game with dice. So, what we used to call mahjong is somewhat different from the original. The original appeared most likely at the beginning of the XIX century, somewhere in Asia as a rule, historians agree that the birthplace of mahjong is China. It is worth noting that there were two types of this game: gambling and solitaire for one player we are more familiar with the second game. As there is no risks are involved just pure attention and logic thinking.

Its first popularity in the world game gained in the beginning of XX century, so it became interesting to the general public. Before this time as a rule it was common in China. It is the version of mahjong solitaire that becomes popular.

Rules of Mahjong gardens

You play with bones like in domino. The essence of the game is the development of memory by selecting pairs of bones with the same pattern that are removed from the game board, and the task is to quickly detect all pairs and clear the board as quickly as possible without making mistakes. The goal of this game is to remove two identical, unblocked bones in one turn. Also if you can not find a pair you can hit on the flower that is the hint button. You can only remove unblocked bones. An unblocked bone is the bone on which is not blocked by another bone from top and from all the sides, meaning at least one edge of the bone should not touch any other bone. In the Garden of Mahjong online there are five variants of pyramids: classic, hole, hexagon, arena, ring, so you will have something to do. So as you can see anyone can play Mahjong gardens.

This game is absolutely free and it is one of the most popular and fascinating games on logical thinking. Also in the game there is a nice interface and a relaxing twitter of birds. Disassemble the pyramid is always interesting. Undoubtedly this game is both useful and interesting for people of all age categories. Even a child can easily play it, the most important is to be attentive. Unfortunately the menu in Russian. To put the Mahjong Gardens in full screen - click on the Game Mode button, under the game itself. Quick help with the game “Перетасовать” - button on the left means to shuffle the bones, “Новая Игра” - New game, “Подсказка” - Hint, button in the middle to the right , “Пауза” - pause, the far right button. Have a nice game.

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