Disney Princess Mahjong | online brain training game for girls
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Disney Princess Mahjong

Disney Princess Mahjong

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How to play

Disney Princess Mahjong Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Mahjong for girls

Here you will see the characters from the cartoons like Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Jafar and Abu the monkey. Also, Ariel and her friend Flounder from little Mermaid are also here. Cinderella and her fairy aunt is not forgotten too. And Pocahontas is here as well.

Disney Mahjong

The rules of the Disney Mahjong are very simple, but first you need to make sure that you understand how to play.

An important condition is that you can only select the card that is on the edges of the so-called pyramid. It should not be blocked by other cards (no card on top of it). You also need to pay attention to the numbers in the upper left corner of each card. Then you find a pair to each card - exactly the same card with the same image on it. Numbers on the card must also be identical. Click on two identical cards, and they will disappear. The goal of the game Mahjong girls is to remove all cards from the table. On the right side you have time and score indicators as well as number of the remaining cards. The more cards you remove, the higher the score. When runs out the game does not end, you just do earn extra points.

Princess Mahjong is perfect for you

Play Princess Mahjong have fun and become smarter. It is a real treasure of the game as any girl will instantly fall in love with it. Here any little girl will find beloved Disney characters in some different approach to them. Besides that this game will be extremely useful as it develops memory and critical thinking as well. So start playing right now.

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