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Dream Pet Link

Dream Pet Link

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How to play

Dream Pet Link Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Dream Pet Link

Short description of the rules of Dream Pet Link game

When the game Dream Pet Link starts we see Koala Girl, in a smart pink polka dot sarafan, near her right foot there is a language option - where the player can choose the language he wants to play the game in. On the right we see 2 big buttons: Start the game and Other games. The second leads to another game site, which we do not need at the moment. So click on the top button - start and go directly to our game (mahjong). We see a large square with smaller squares located on it, which depict various cartoon characters. We find the same pictures that stand side by side horizontally and vertically and at the edge of our square. Press on the first one, and then on another one. After we matched them they will disappear. And so we go on... When we have empty fields we get new advantages for connecting new pictures. Now we can connect the same pictures that are located diagonally from one another and those that are opposite. Everything will be matching just fine unless there are some pictures obscure in between. And so the game goes on until all the pictures are removed from the screen! Additional functions that we see in the upper right corner are the music key icon. This is our music accompanying the mahjong game, if you do not like the music or you are just tired of it you can click on the music button and turn the music off. The next icon is a magnifying glass or a tip, but you have to be careful with this one! We have only 6 tips! At first, to understand the system of this game you can use those tips pretty recklessly, when you run out of them you can always start the game from the very beginning. Then the next icon is a triangle in the circle (Play) by clicking on it the game goes into sleep mode, and you can go and take a break in other words this is pause button. This is a very important button, because the game is limited in time in the middle at the top of screen you can see a clock that is running out of time, you have to finish matching the picture before the time runs out. The last icon in our series is an arrow, click on it and you can start the favorite layout of Dream Pet Link game. So this way we can basically can start to play Dream Pet Link from the very beginning.

Very interesting online mahjong

Dream Pet Link online will be very popular among both children and adults. This game will not let you get bored! It is very vibrant and interesting. Everything that happens on the screen will excite you and will bring you positive emotions. And dun is not the only thing you can gain from this game, how about something really useful? Any brain game makes you think for bit and thinking is quite useful. So enjoy every moment of this beautiful game and remember, there is a second part available on our web site.

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