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Mix A Monster

Mix A Monster

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How to play

Mix A Monster Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Mix a Monster is great fun for the youngest gamers. Try to create an excellent mutant. The process itself might seem strange to you a small kid will create a monster with a can of paint. This mixture you must prepare yourself, then just spread the contents of the can in the air. A small kid does all this for one purpose, he wants to scare a fearless girl, monsters should help with this.

Really cool create your own creature game

Mix a Monster game is made for smallest fans of various experiments. At the beginning of the game you will find a room in the center of which there is a bowler. In it you will cook the ingredients from which the monster will turn out.

Mix A MonsterMix A Monster gameplay Mix A Monster

Use the mouse to drag the available items into the bowler. Moldy cheese, terrible sock, stone, snail and other objects will give their best properties to your “offspring”. The result can be a cute and funny animal, this is a bad result, the baby can play with such a monster. Experiment, as a result of the tests you should get a ferocious and bloodthirsty monster. Such a mutant, from which the little girl will begin the horror and hysteria. After preparing the mixture, you need to pray the air with it. A monster will appear in the room. Then the girl and a mutant will meet. She may be frightened or quite the opposite, be happy and make friends with the mutant. At this point your creation will take its place in the table at the bottom of the screen. Try to fill all the cells and create all the characters.

Features of monster mix

You can spend long and entertaining hours experimenting and playing Monster maker game. Experiment and look at all possible outcomes. Some mutants will frighten the girl, others on the contrary will want to make friends with the baby. Look at all the reactions of the baby, unpredictable events can not be avoided. A walking cake or untidy blue crocodile, a squirrel fighter or a huge fuzzy. All this can be obtained from the same ingredients, the main thing is to follow the order and try not to repeat your actions.

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