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3D Quick Pool

3D Quick Pool

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How to play

3D Quick Pool Controls Use mouse to play this game

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3d pool

Billiards is one of the most popular table games in the world. Motherland of billiards is Europe, but this game of balls came from Asia back in the Middle Ages. It happened much later that the game evolved to modern billiards. So cue and full size pockets appeared in this game. But since this is not the cheapest game, and the table in it takes up a lot of space, we have a fairly simple solution 3d quick pool online.

3D pool is a simulator of billiards

The evolution of billiards continues and now this game moves to virtual world. Quick pool 3d is a simulator of snooker-based billiards. Controls in this game are very simple and the three dimension option is really cool to. With its help you can look at the table from any angle, you can also use zoom in and out with the wheel on the mouse.

The goal of any billiards is to roll as many balls into the pockets as possible, if this is not a carambole of course. Your task is to roll colored balls into pockets by hitting them with a white ball. You will play on a square, not a standard table. Speed ​​in 3D pool online also matters. So the faster you cope with all the balls on the table, the more bonus points you will get. Remember, the basic rule of billiards is that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. If you know this rule, you can improve your playing skills, so you can play ricochet if the ball is in an awkward place. There are many levels, with each new level the difficulty increases, so as the number of balls increases. The game ends when you hit a white ball in the pocket, so be careful.

Pool game 3d is made as a simple as it can be. Try to plan your hit at least two steps ahead to put the cue ball (white ball) in the position convenient for the next strike. It is worth noting that this game has pretty normal graphics and well-designed physics. You can be completely confident that the ball will roll exactly where you aim. At this point you really depend on your own performance.

3d Pool game is designed for one player. This simulator of billiards is perfect for those people who got stuck in the office and who really has nothing to do. It's fun to play and the process takes an adequate amount of time, which helps to spend the time. Press and hold left button on the mouse to aim, zoom in and out using mouse wheel. Move mouse forward and backward to adjust the force of impact. To strike, double click on the left mouse button.

This pool is not only a pleasant pastime, but probably a great opportunity to improve your skills in billiards without even getting up from the computer.

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