Ben 10 galactic monsters - an epic fighting game for the young fans on the series about miracle boy Ben Tennyson.
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Ben 10 Galactic Monsters

Ben 10 Galactic Monsters

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How to play

Ben 10 Galactic Monsters Controls Manage the game using the arrows. Use a space to strike. Shift - blocks the movement of the enemy, and Crtl (available at level 4) - turns into any of the available characters.

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Ben 10 Galactic Monsters

en 10 Galactic Monsters is the game where your hero will fight with galactic robots. You have 4 enemies to choose from. Do not let your opponent shoot you first, attack as quickly as you can and win.

Ben Ten Galactic Monsters is very difficult

All the fights are very intense without any chance to pause it. Each of your mistakes or the slightest inattention can very easily lead to the defeat in Ben Ten Galactic Monsters and you will have to start over from the very first level.

Before the fight Grandpa Max (the grandfather and mentor of Ben10) gives motivational speeches and tells about controls, it will not cause you any problems due to its simplicity. The hardest part is to avoid shots of robots, because there are a lot of them and they have a lot of firepower.

On the so-called dashboard you will see health indicator, the navigation and map.

To attack press space, move with the help of arrow keys, press Shift to blocks the movement of the enemy. Crtl will become available in the last level, it will make you turn into any of the available characters.

Additional health and superpower will be available as level bonuses. At the end of each level Ben 10 galactic monsters will fight with the boss.

Ben 10 monsters

Ben 10 monsters

There are four levels in Ben 10 monsters game and in each of them Ben Tennyson will turn into a new alien character. As you can see there will be four monsters available in the game, each one with its own unique ability. Ben 10 can take shapes of Four Arms, Benwolf, Humungousaur and Eye Guy.

Four Arms

Four Arms is Martian who has red skin and and four hands. He is tall, has broad shoulders and very strong. In the game you'll play him first, he is pretty slow and the weakest of four available to you.


This character is jumpy, muscular wolf with short hind legs, long claws and powerful jaws. It moves much faster than Four Arms, but that does not mean that you will have more time because of its speed and more power, because the enemy will Improve as well.


Ben Ten can turn into a creature similar to a dinosaur called Humungousaur. It is very powerful and can raise a huge weight. It is tail and very long, about 20 metres and has thorns. Its eyes can glow in the dark. Thanks to this creature Ben Tennyson can become very strong.

Eye Guy

Eye Guy is a newcomer, he got his name because of the many eyes all over his body. He has the ability to shoot energy from his eyes. He is a real freak among other Ben 10 monsters.

Ben 10 galactic monsters game is perfect for boys. It is very unusual and attracts by the characters from the beloved cartoon.

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