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Avatar Clash of the Benders

Avatar Clash of the Benders

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How to play

Avatar Clash of the Benders Controls Game is controlled by the mouse.

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Avatar Clash of the Benders

Avatar Clash of the Benders is an exciting online game. It is made based on the Avatar cartoon. You will fight in exciting competitions with the help of magic. You will strike your enemies with different elements. Win the fight by gaining the most points.

This game is unique in its own way. It has interesting controls and gameplay. The main feature of Avatar Benders is its controls. All actions are performed with the mouse. The fighting in the game is very unusual, for any action you will need to draw specific patterns. Before playing Avatar the last air bender games, click on How to play in the main menu. It shows various actions. This could be defense, restoring health, and attack. Remember, the longer the pattern, the stronger the spell. But you can lose your turn, if you will take too long. It is important to remember that the pattern should be relatively identical replicated, as shown in the instruction. But not necessarily has to be perfect. Sometimes in a rush you might make mistakes in drawing the pattern and due to that you will lose your turn.

Avatar the last air bender games

Before the battle, choose your character. Each of them has different powers. Select the character that corresponds to your playing style. In Benders Avatar each opponent is provided with 7 seconds per turn to create a spell. During this time, you can make few spells, but they will give weak effect. And if to make one or two pattern but much longer ones, then your actions will be much stronger. So try to make longer and stronger spells. After playing a few times you will fully be able to use the time and the possibilities of characters, each of which posses the force of certain elements. Remember to watch the indicator of health. Sometimes it is better to create a remedy for yourself, than to take risks and try to do damage the enemy, with the hope of a quick and easy victory.
Avatar the last air bender games will make you think a little bit and resort to logic, as well as quickly and correctly use magic. The fewer steps has been done, the more points you will earn as reward. When you gain victory, it will be possible to improve the characteristics of the character. Increase the qualities that in your judgment will give maximal beneficial effect. After all someone chooses the strategy of attack, while others improve protection.
Avatar Benders is very interesting due to its uniqueness. Start the game and see for yourself. Good luck!

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