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Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio

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How to play

Angry Birds Rio Game Controls Use mouse

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So this game is devoted collaboration, which makes it real masterpiece in the online gaming world. It doesn’t matter if you are a fun of this games or not, there is no possible way you will not like this amazing game.

Angry Birds Rio game where you save friends

Angry Birds Rio game was founded in 2011 by developer Rovio, as the marketing support of the new cartoon from the studio Twentieth Century Fox. There were no fundamental differences in the game from its predecessors, but in this game we will have to fight the Boss for the first time in history of this game series. Finally it is time to enjoy this game online. According to the plot of the cartoon birds were kidnapped and taken to Rio. There they were detained in the cells your task is to free them. Thus, the main difference is that instead of eggs and pigs, you need to break the cages release the birds. Other than that the game is not that different from any other one in the series, but of course you new exciting levels and new challenges.

How to play Angry Bird Rio online

Controls of the Angry Bird Rio online remained the same as in all games of the series and it will be clear even to a child, you will need to use only the mouse. There is a zoom in zoom out feature available for easy long-distance shots. The difficulty increases with each level. At the end of each level, if you released all the birds you receive stars, one to three stars depending on the number of projectiles you’ve used (each unused bird worth 10,000 points). If you used only one bird you get three stars, for two projectiles used - two stars, for the rest you get one star. But don’t get disappointed if you will get only one star, as it will still let you move on to the next level. And after you will get a little more practice you will be able to replay level with low score and improve your results. Practice is what you need. All you will be given three attempts to save your friends. After each attempt there will be a track of trajectory to adjust the next shot in the game. So that you can learn from your own mistakes and adjust the angle right at the next try. This part of the game also has new characters Jewels and Blu. Red bird does not have any powers, it is a simple shot. Little blue bird is able to break up into three, thus increasing the damaged area. Yellow Bird is able to accelerate in flight, hitting the target with more force. So they all have their specific attacks that take time to get used to. But yet again it wouldn’t be this fun if it was really easy. So take your time and learn how to use all the benefits of this game. Play Angry Birds Rio and enjoy the gameplay. But take it easy because last levels can turn out to be rather difficult. Traditionally as any other Angry Birds games this one is rather difficult. It as starts rather easy and chill, but that gradually it turns into harder and harder levels and it becomes more and more difficult to earn those three start. But after some practice you will figure it all out. Don’t stop believing in your own powers and you will achieve perfect 3 star rating.

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