Archibald the Pirate | Fun bubble shooter game
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Archibald the Pirate

Archibald the Pirate

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How to play

Archibald the Pirate Game Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Pirate Archibald is an old sea wolf. In his free time from pirate life, our hero is in charge of a pretty cool arcade machine. The mechanism that keeps his business rolling is concentrated around the most up-to-date technology in ship armory. The steam engine works as intended, the buller from the cannon flies in the right direction. Therefore, you should try yourself in this bubble shooter, but we have to warn you first, even the most experienced shooters might have hard time aiming the cannon.

Check your skills

Pirate Archibald game is an excellent Bubble Shooter flash. You need to shoot bullets to the balls of the same color. Three balls of the same color can not be together, they disappear and bring you points. Do not be shy of your desires! If you want to shoot projectiles and collect their combinations - go ahead! At some point you might consider shooting at combination with more balls of the same color to score more points. But before you can really succeed it might take you quite some time to get used to the game.

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This game looks so much better than other games in its category, that is why we want to point out some interesting peculiarities:

The list above can go forever it is always better to try for your own and figure out what is waht. Pirate adventures are never boring on this windy road you can expect anything...

Be the King of Bubble pirate games

Archibald Pirate is a really fun game. The developers of this character took care of the gamer, the upgrades menu is available after each level. Improve your bullets, be ready to use the force of distraction. The conditions in which you can win can change so you have to adjust and calculate your actions taking into account new details. You will lose if the projectiles fly over the horizon and fall in the sea. Everything is not so simple, sometimes the balls might be attached to the spinner and hence comes that they will be moving and it is harder to aim at the object in motion. Anyways you have to try this game for yourself as it might be easy peasy for you.

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