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Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3

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How to play

Car Eats Car 3 Controls Use arrow keys to control the car. Space - Fire. Х - Boost.

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Car eats car 3 is the continuation of the adventure of the red car in the world of car nightmares. You are probably familiar with previous games. In the third part of the game there is nothing new and special. There are new opponents, the bonuses were modified, but the main task remained the same. Your task, as before, is not very simple. You need to get from start to finish and not die. On your way there will be a huge number of opponents, they all bite and are very intrusive. Cope with various barriers, it will not be easy. If you played previous episodes it should really play to your advantage, otherwise is you are a beginner you will need to time to get used to the game.

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This twisted dreams game is just perfect for all the small racers out there. Be on the same wavelength as your opponents, you are the enemy for the raiders, but you are stronger.

Car Eats Car 3Car Eats Car 3 gameplay Car Eats Car 3

To successfully pass all the levels you are required to have different skills. You have to be able to analyze and carefully examine all the information on the screen. In the upper left corner of the screen there is information about the collected items. These are familiar gears and rubies, it is the game currency. The icon of the weapon, activate the weapon with a space bar. The onboard machine gun works automatically, this weapon needs to be improved, the damage will increase several times. The standard equipment does not suit at all for all the battles that will take place in car eats car twisted dreams. Collect rubies and gears, they will help to upgrade cars in your garage.

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Car eats car 3 unblocked is a very fun game to play. For successful performances at the levels, you need to do some preliminary work. You fall into a vicious circle, you need to spend what you earn in order to earn even more. There are 7 different kind of ammunition for the weapon activation button. Explosives of various capacities will very much effect your ill-wishers. Do not let yourself be destroyed during the passage of the levels. At the bottom of the screen there is a strip. The red slider on it is you. It is necessary to pass from beginning to end, you can learn about your successes on each level from the scale with the runner. Increase the maximum amount of health, replace tires for better grip. Buy yourself a huge supply of nitro accelerator. Do not spare money, spend it on the upgrades of your car and you will earn even more.

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