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Queen fish

Queen fish

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How to play

Queen fish Controls Use mouse to play this game

Queen fish

You love the quiet, but interesting and at the same time logical games? Queen fish is exactly what you are looking for. What could be more soothing than a fish. Game rules are very simple, and in principle the name implies. All you need to do this using the mouse to trace the same fish, thereby creating and increasing a couple of fish. The game at a time, so you need to hurry. Play online games on the logic in the underwater world - very exciting.

Queen Fish - a simple and addictive game

Queen Fish - an interesting online game. In the aquarium a lot of different kinds of fish. You will find the same. It is known that fish tend to calm, but in this case, the game will require you to full attention and reaction. In this game you have to go through 7 levels. Each carried a countdown. So his thoughts on you almost will not. We must act quickly.
What exactly needs to be done in Queen Fish game? Each level of the game - an aquarium in which swimming fish of different species, or rather, they are all the same 4. Your task is to control the mouse to trace a line of identical fish. The more able to identify at a time, the more points you get. In the same way you can save precious seconds. It is important to remember if you get a selection of other fish species, the points will not be counted. If you select two fish, one disappears, and the second becomes greater. If the ring is at least 3, then for that you get extra points. In each subsequent level, the number of fish will increase by 5, and the time will increase by 15 seconds. In the first tank will be only 2 species, in the second - 3, and starting from the third to the last - 4. This task will weight considerably. Try to use every moment. Better sort 2 fish than testing failed to allocate 3 or more. Make it better if you should be able to seamlessly select multiple targets. But it all depends on you. Or rather on the skill. The task is easier, the line, which you want to trace is absolutely arbitrary. That is, there are no restrictions. The level is passed when all the fish will be sorted in the aquarium will remain identical in appearance.
If your computer has a weak characteristics, for convenience will be asked to select the graphic quality to be able to play without any problems.
After passing all levels can improve the result by starting anew. In any case, points scored previously saved even if you close the game.
That's all there is to know. We wish you a successful game. We hope you get a lot of positive emotions while playing game Queen Fish.

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