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Home Sheep Home

Home Sheep Home

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How to play

Home Sheep Home Controls Press WSAD or arrow key to move. 1, 2, 3 - Switch between sheeps.

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Home sheep home game is a masterpiece

The commander of the sheep Shaun and his friends Timmy and Shirley are in some troubles again. They need to get home to the farm, in order to do that take them through 15 intricate levels. It is going to be fun.

In this 3 sheeps game on the first level you supposed to kick the board, which should fall and pave the way through the gap. It's very easy to perform this task using Shirley, she is the thickest in the herd, in all cases where you need to use the force, use her. On the other levels Timmy will help a little, he is able to get into places that no one else will crawl through. And Shaun the sheep can jump well, use each of them as intended.

Home sheep homeHome sheep home game3 sheep game

The Lambs in this game will definitely entertain you

Graphics and physics are at the highest level, this is why Home sheep home is clearly distinguished among other games. Everything is drawn to the smallest detail, and at some levels you will have to use a swing and a trampoline. Movements and jumps are performed with the WASD or arrow keys. The buttons 1,2,3 serve to choose the sheep, you can also the mouse and click on the sheep itself or by its icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Think carefully before you act, but try to quickly pass the level as you can set up a new record.

Try to help the heroes of the wonderful animated series, you already know who has what kind of skills. Play Home Sheep Home to have pure fun and have cool adventures in friendly company with sheeps. Logic game is always a good warm-up for the brain, enjoy and benefit at the same time.

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