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Ice blocks Game ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Ice Blocks

Ice blocks

Here we have a real deal in gaming world. This is really good example of educational game for kids. In this game you need to break colorful ice blocks. All ice blocks rapidly moved downward. Do not let them get to the end. Otherwise, you will lose.

Ice Blocks game for both children and adults

Let’s look at the Ice Blocks game in more details. At the bottom of the game screen there is a gun. It is shooting icons with animals of different species. With the mouse, you can choose the direction to shoot. The more icons explode at once, the better for you. It will help you save valuable time and give more space in the level. The points you earn can be used on special skills there are six of them. This could be a pointer for more accurate shooting. There will also be an opportunity to stop time. But the best in Ice Blocks games is the bomb that can help you remove unwanted icons. There are two kinds of bombs. One makes an explosion around it, the other destroys everything in one direction. The sidewalls will help guide icons at a certain angle. Gradually passing the levels, you will learn to destroy groups of ice cubes. You will be able to notice the nuances, that will help you clear large areas. The game does not have levels. From time to time new kinds of animals will pop up. Only this will complicate the task.

Cute game for the whole family

Ice blocks is family fun for people of all ages. It is safe to say that this game will brighten up your leisure. On one hand there is nothing difficult in it but on the hand it does require paying attention to what is going on and not always you can really slow down. So most likely you will fall in love with this game. Start playing right now!