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Colorful Box Puzzle GameUse mouse to play this game.

Colorful Box Puzzle

Colorful Box Puzzle

Colorful tetris is an educational game

You will enjoy this game from the first minute. This version of Tetris will challenge you, because it has interesting features. The essence of the game is simple. You will need to move each object sideways and rotate it by 360 degree, in order to put it in designated place. This task will require to think logically. There are 20 levels in Colorful tetris, where the first is quite simple. Without a doubt you can easily cope with this task. But this is only a preparation. Further, the complexity will increase. Surely there will be situations where it is impossible fill up the space without thinking for a while.

Controls are carried out with the help of mouse. Move elements by holding the left button of the mouse. You will like the gameplay from the very beginning. Smooth movement of tetriminos is an important factor in colorful puzzle. You should think how to grab an element, if you grab it in the wrong place it will start swaying. Therefore, even the slightest movement will give it rotation at high speed. Try be as gentle as you can. It is better not to throw elements from a height. In addition, due to rapid moves you can accidentally destroy properly stacked figures. All this is a complicates the task. It is better not to rush and carefully transfer the objects. But do not forget about the time, you will have 100 seconds to accomplish the level. The faster you put all the objects together, the more points you will earn.

Colorful tetris for children

Tetris for kids is a great opportunity to develop your logical thinking. Fascinating and colorful levels are fun to play. The game will be interesting even for adults. Surely, you will be willing to go through all the levels back again many times.

Colorful puzzle is online game that will bring you pure fun. It is safe to say that this is an excellent opportunity to stay at home in front of the computer and have fun. We wish you a successful game!