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3 Pandas in Fantasy Game ControlsUse mouse to play this game

3 Pandas in Fantasy

3 Pandas in Fantasy - now you have the opportunity to demonstrate all the skills that you learned in the course of the entire series of games. Our favorite heroes went to an amusement park! Some entertainments were fun others not so much, but in this place they managed to find something special. Cubs got to a good magician he was preparing a potion. First you need to free yourself, because the old man is engaged in business he does not notice the guests. Help the pandas to get out, and then the old man will build them the magical ladder. It will open the way to a new world for our travelers!

Very interesting adventure game

Three pandas ended up on the shore, on the opposite shore the dwarves were waiting for them, move to the other shore and get acquainted with the diggers. You came to their city and now can see how these guys are working at the mine. One of the workers might need help with the trolley, the pandas should activate the conveyor and push the cart. After this task a dragon appeared in the sky, our new friends will suggest to hide in a dwarf dig. The dragon might nearly catch up with them, but will get stuck against the ceiling of the cave! At that moment our heroes saw the danger from a short distance, the winged man turned out to be a good-natured and just wanted to play. Being in the mine, the pandas could not miss the opportunity to ride the rails and collect jewelry! You need to jump and thus cope with abysses. After a real rollercoaster at a huge speed, the 3 pandas in Fantasy game is preparing another surprise!

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Ring the bell, the door will open and you will face the real fairy. Pandas should help her free her friends! The impenetrable tunnel is absolutely dark, in which the pandas will help the fairy. Solve the maze and you will find a cage with other fairies. The cage is protected by a huge troll, he throws stones at enemies. Now black and white cubs are in danger. Fairy can conjure a magic umbrella for them. Umbrella can beat stones in the direction of the troll, make several accurate hits in the green bully and do not forget to destroy the cage. Fairies will be free and will show you the place in which this good magician lives. Three Pandas in Fantasy need to help him to collect all the necessary plants for the next potion. After completing this task, the magician will let the company into the house with chicken wings. In it you will find a world in which everything is upside down. Performing tasks in such conditions is even more fun!

Beautiful levels of 3 panda in Fantasy game

Show all your skills! Play 3 Pandas in Fantasy, here You’ll have to fight the goblins and save the dragon, you have to be well prepared to carry out this tasks! Flying a dragon is an excellent activity, which is definitely worth a try. All the levels in the game are very diverse, you can forget about boredom for a while!