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Super Mario Water ControlsUse arrow keys to play this game

Super Mario Water

super mario water

Adventure of Mario Water

Few words about the main character. Mario is a small, Italian-American plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. In the games his main enemy is villain Bowser, who kidnapped Princess Peach and brought trouble to Mushroom Kingdom. He also has other enemies and rivals like Donkey Kong and businessman Wario.

It is unlikely that there is a person who has not heard about the good old Mario, although in the game he is only 29 years old. Mario Water Adventure is a great game made to bring you pleasure and lots of positive emotions.

Mario gets into the mysterious underwater world. Here everything is usual for the Mushroom Kingdom. You need to collect coins and mushrooms by knocking them out of the bricks. Mushrooms allow Mario grow bigger and there are those that give an extra life. The path to the Bowser’s castle goes through a vast ocean, full of dangerous piranhas and there is no way to disable them. Mario will have to be extremely careful to get to the end of this dangerous place.

Mario Water game

Your task is to get to the end of the level while collecting the maximum amount of coins and thus increase your score. On your way you will come across various fish, which you need to dodge. Be careful with sleeping fish, because it will chase you. In underwater levels you will only need to swim and collect coins and to extract them from the boxes with a question mark, by hitting the bottom. Basically Mario Water game is no different from other Mario games, it only has more sophisticated enemies. At the end of levels above the water you will have to meet boss.

Super Mario Water game is very fun. Compared to eight or sixteen bit predecessors this game is much better. Responsive controls is also worth noting. Overall Super Mario Water gets a solid A.