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UFO Racing

UFO Racing

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How to play

UFO Racing Game Controls Esc - pause the game. Player 1 - use arrow keys ."Shift" - boost. Player 2 WSAD - for controls "Space" - boost.

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UFO Racing game time to have fun

Choose mode of UFO Racing game: training, multiplayer or against the computer. Then you need to choose your pilot, they came from different planets. Look at their performance and appearance, you need to make the right decision.

UFO RacingUFO Racing gameUFO Racing online

At first selection of tracks is limited, you can open different tracks by winning the races. At the start, look at the opponents, they wag from side to side. This method will help you drive better and to make smoother turns, otherwise there is a great chance to hit a wall. At the bottom of the screen you can read important information, carefully inspect all. There is a mini map of the route with number of laps, watch your speed and reserve acceleration in UFO Racing.

Controls in UFO Race

Use the keyboard to control spaceship in this game. Balance is the key to success in this competition, be very careful and concentrated. Beware of enemies and beware of hitting the edges. If the collisions is too hard you might break your ship. You can catch up fast and manoeuvrable riders with the help of turbo. In this game you can upgrade skills of your character to become a better racer. Try your hand at the races against the computer or play with friends. Play UFO Racing to have a lot of fun.

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