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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble

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How to play

Tank Trouble Game Controls Use keyboard to play as player 1 and 2, third player will use mouse.

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Tank Trouble Game

For sure, everyone remembers the legendary game Battle City on popular NES consoles. It was one of the most popular games of that time. But now we suggest you to try another no less fascinating, version of it. Tank trouble is a very interesting game that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is noteworthy that it is not available in a single player mode, but has a mode two and for three players. So if you want to have fun with your friends, then this is an excellent option.

Tank trouble online is a lot of fun

The main task of Tank trouble game is to move around the level and to destroy the opponent's tank. It would seem that nothing is complicated. But each level is complicated by the fact that all actions take place in a location where all the paths are confusing. Simply speaking you will move around the labyrinth. Tanks are painted in different colors. It is important to remember that any shot will have a ricochet when it hits the wall. So be careful, you can accidentally destroy yourself. The level is considered complete when there is only one tank left on the map. To make the game more interesting there will always appear small icons at the level. All of those icons improve the combat capabilities of the tank. It could be a bomb that after launching will move along the level for a while and then suddenly explode and many parts of the projectile will scatter on different sides. Be careful and watch out for them. There is also an icon that increases the accuracy of the shot. You will be able to see the trajectory of the flight before the shot. Also there self aiming projectiles you have to be very attentive with those. The possibilities that are presented in this version of the game are able to surprise even the most sophisticated gamers.

Tank trouble unblocked is a very exciting game. And it does not matter how old you are. Both children and adults will receive maximum of positive emotions. Simple controls will facilitate the competition. So the first player is assigned to E, S, D, F keys for movement and Q to attack. The second one uses arrow keys and M button. The third player is given a "mouse". To move, just drive the sight around the screen.

Fascinating tanks in labyrinth game

Tanks in maze is the best online game for a small company. With confidence we can say that you and your friends will have fun. And the fun will literally begin from the first minutes. Play as your heart desires, because you will face a lot of locations which differ in sizes.

If you were looking for a game to play together with a friend then Tank trouble is great fun and it does not have restrictions on age. And even parents can have fun with their child. We wish you a pleasant game. Good luck!

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