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 Pandas in Desert

Pandas in Desert

: 2622

How to play

 Pandas in Desert Game Controls Use arrow keys and WSAD keys to play this game.

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This game resembles a famous entertainment, your friends will definitely be interested in spending time in the desert and managing pandas. In search of jewelry heroes must help each other. Two players are assigned with two different tasks and each character has his own way out of the level. A door with a footprint of a bear cub, find your door by the color. Red panda goes to the red to and blue one goes to the blue door respectively. Unlike Fireboy and Watergirl, In Pandas in Desert you must compete in the collection of jewelry, the level will be passed even if all the diamonds are collected by one player. This is important to understand.

Interesting and challenging game

Pandas in desert game will definitely please a group of the players. You can show your wits with it. Pass all the levels one by one, but even the smartest people might experience some difficulties.

 Pandas in Desertpandas in desert gameplay pandas in desert

In moments of your inaction, the characters do stand around as our funny characters are real acrobats they will show you some stunts. But do not forget, the main task is to pass through the door. To move in the game you need to use different objects, not all of them look like mechanisms. Many actions are performed with the help of unknown magical powers. Interact with the objects on the location to successfully finish the level and pay attention to portals. Black and white portals will take you from one place to another. All those mechanisms make it so much fun to play Pandas in Desert Before you start you need to think carefully, each of your characters can get lost! Each of the heroes must walk along each other otherwise the one who was left behind will have to replay. Dangerous labyrinths of endless sands, in such places it is easy to get lost. You'd better not make rash decisions.

You will fall in love with this game

Fans of Panda in desert are well aware of the whole series. Do not confuse the series with another famous story, this game is a completely different genre. Walkthrough of game is available only to two friends, each character needs to be played separately. There is no single player mode. Check out the other section of our site, maybe you’ll like other animal games.

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