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Color Tanks

Color Tanks

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How to play

Color Tanks Game Controls Use arrow keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

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Color tanks is an incredibly cool game for two players. Now boys and girls of any age can compete in tank battles. Cool graphics will not leave anyone indifferent. Animation and engine of the application are not far behind. The virtual world is well worked through and pretty detailed. In this game you can not be painted, you need to paint your opponents this is the idea of the game. There are three modes in the application. In the first one everything is very simple, a single player nothing surprising in here. The second mode is for two players, confrontation with friends is a very cool mode. The advantage of this game is the possibility of cooperative walkthrough. Help a friend on the battlefield and develop some teamwork skills.

Play Tanks for Two for free

Color Tanks game is free, which means that you do not need to pay for this great entertainment. This game does not resemble any other application. It has a huge store with improvements for the tank. Destroy rivals, collect bonuses and receive virtual dollars. Use earned money wisely, useful gadgets will help in combat and will brighten up the gameplay.

Color TanksColor Tanks gameColor Tanks online

In a two players mode each level will be flooded by waves of enemies, you need to destroy the wave after wave and watch the back of the second player. In the walkthrough for two players, beat off the waves of rivals be a reliable support for the gamer next to you.

Play color tanks online

Play color tanks online if you like spirit of competition. Mini fights with huge opportunities. The upgrades store itself is simply amazing. You can equip your military transport with a propeller. Flying transport will save you from ground attacks and will provide a huge advantage in speed of movement. Increase the amount of damage, change the radius of defeat, let your gun on the board shoot on huge distances. Locations in the game will prepare for you many tests. Have you ever seen the tanks on the treadmills? In this game many locations consist of moving platforms and there is even a trampoline. This bright entertainment will add color to the life of any person. Controls are different in different modes, it is important to read the instructions and understand the rules. Kids will love this amazing bright game. Do not miss the chance to enjoy this gaming masterpiece. Fans of tanks will have lots of fun.

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