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Bad Ice-Cream

Bad Ice-Cream

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How to play

Bad Ice-Cream Game Controls Use arrow keys to play this game and press Space for action

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Bad ice cream 1 is cool adventure, the first part will introduce you to the course of events and teach the rules of the game. Manage the ice cream and collect fruits in the icy labyrinths, all levels will have many surprises in them. You have a lot of dangerous enemies they can catch ice cream and destroy. Use your reaction and logical thinking to overcome all obstacles. You will definitely get a positive charge, the time spent will not pass in vain.

Bad Ice cream unblocked is here

The main characters need your help get to all the useful fruits. In the beginning you need to choose your character: vanilla, creme brulee or berry ice cream it will be very difficult to decide. Sweets can spoil your teeth and cause sore throats, do not give fruits a chance. Bananas, watermelons, grapes can not move they can be easily caught. Kiwi knows how to travel from side to side, the task is thus complicated then there will be lemons and so on. At the beginning of the level only one goal appears, collect bananas and then grapes in new, unexpected places. Bad Ice Cream game is very interesting, it is impossible to plan your actions to the very end of the level, you will constantly have to think about new strategies for passing.

Bad Ice-Cream 1Bad Ice-Cream gamesBad Ice-Cream

During one level you can collect several varieties of products, but all the time you need to avoid meeting enemies. Horned, round monsters, icy flowers and even a stump will attack you. Each of them has its own capabilities and features. The plant can blossom the speed of its movement decently increases. The log can swiftly roll in your direction, do not stand on one line with it. Watch for the behavior of the enemies, they clearly show their intentions. Be careful and careful there are certain ways to protect you need to use them correctly. There are ice cubes on the playing field, they often form labyrinths. Destroy or build, it is possible to destroy a whole line of ice, and you can build only one cube.

Bad Ice Cream 1 game is truly exciting

Forty levels of single missions will not take you for an hour, but you can pass them with a friend. The regime for two is always a big plus, and playing together is much more fun. It is not necessary to start the passage together, you can include the second player on any level. Bad Ice Cream 1 game for two becomes more cool and at the same time simple. If one of you has rolled into a flat cake, the second player is given the chance to finish the level alone.

The game has interesting animation consider all the details, up to the emotions of the characters. The graphics is also quite original this style can be seen in a large part of a variety of games. And what is great is that this game is suitable for both children and adults, the controls are quite simple and will not cause any difficulties enjoy gameplay with your friends. Try to defeat fruits and their defenders, it will only bring positive emotions and good memories. So play bad ice cream till the very end.

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