PUBG Craft: Battlegrounds Game
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PUBG Craft: Battlegrounds

PUBG Craft: Battlegrounds

: 320

How to play

Move with the arrow keys. Shoot the mouse. Right click to enlarge. Open the doors with the F key, get a weapon, etc. Replace the magazine with R. Choose a weapon from 1-2-3-4. Open the box with the TAB key. Change the camera angle with V.

PUBG Craft: Battlegrounds is a massively multiplayer online game. Here hundreds of players are fighting for survival. On average, a full tour will not take more than 10 minutes. If you play for a team, then your task is to kill all players from a hostile team. There is a variant of the game, when only one player must survive. At the beginning you have a choice between 5 types of characters. Each of them has its own peculiarity: a soldier will appear on the battlefield with ammunition and a pistol, and a medic with a first-aid kit. The game has a cubism inspired by minecraft.

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