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Cursed Winds

Cursed Winds

: 2604

How to play

Cursed Winds Game Controls Use A, W, S, D keys or arrow key to navigate the ship, Space bar/F/Ctrl – shoot from cannons, P – pause, V – change of shooting direction, 1, 2, 3 — upgrades.

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Cursed Winds

Cursed Winds game

A bad day sailing is 100 times better than a good day at work. if you are not a brave sailor and not an avid lover of rum and gold you will not win the fight.

Your invincible pirate ship is capable of a lot. An incredible number of guns on both sides, a bold, cohesive team, led by you the sea wolf, who told a lot of great stories on his way. Go on the top of the wave in the wind, always be cautious and discreet. Only this way can you become the best in this cruel world of injustice and violence in Cursed Winds game.

Your task is to sink all the enemy ships with minimal losses for your own fleet. You can shoot from both sides and board the enemy’s ships, just be careful and look out for boarding on you otherwise the lack of crew will lead to the fact that you will be captured by the enemy. Also do not forget to improve your schooner. In the arsenal of improvements, there is a huge amount of guns, improving the damage done by the bulles, the speed of movement and the speed of maneuvering and turning, you can also improve the ship's protection and the crew as well. Travel through the great sea world and discover new spaces for sea battles of Cursed Winds.

Fight like a real pirate

The strategy in this game is not the last thing to think of, since you will need a lot to watch and quickly comprehend the current situation. To hold the hand on the pulse of the game.

Only rats flee from the ship, the real pirate captain always at the helm rushes through the waves towards the fame and fortune. Are you sure that you can do that? You have a chance to check it in the game Cursed Winds which is somewhat similar to battle ships game. It can be attributed to shooting and strategy games. Enjoy your fights at sea.

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