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 Sara’s Cooking Class: Donuts

Sara’s Cooking Class: Donuts

: 1573

How to play

 Sara’s Cooking Class: Donuts Controls Use mouse to play this game

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Sara’s Cooking Class: Donuts

Oh Lord, who can possibly not like the donuts, but buying them might be not the best option, how about learning how to make them? You are at the right place, go ahead and start playing the game

Sara’s donuts are fun to cook

Making donuts is not so hard if you know what to do. Sara cooking games in details will tell you about the secrets of this treat. Like in any other cooking class game you have to read the recipe, to understand what is waiting for you ahead. Then you get to the Sara's donuts kitchen, where she will show you what and when you have to do. Therefore, the process is greatly simplified. But it is only during the preparation you will have help. In test mode, you have no one tell you what you need to take and what to do. During the exam you will be able to apply your knowledge gained during the game.

Let’s take have fun in the game

The recipe of donuts is simple. First we heat the butter so it melts and then set it aside to cool. Then, whisk sugar, salt, vanilla extract, 2 eggs, milk and melted butter with a mixer. Next you prepare the dough. Take the flour and baking powder and pour them into a large bowl in the right quantity. Add the melted butter. Mix the dough with mixer and wrap it into a film.

Now we take the finished dough, rolling pin and board. Making donuts: roll out the dough, squeezing using molds circles, remove the extra dough, then fry them and in the end glaze them in chocolate.

In the initial menu of the game you have the recipe and choice of languages. Learn how to cook donuts quickly and properly in this game. Good luck and don’t forget to watch sara's cooking class game walkthrough!

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