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Ben 10 Hills Ride ControlsUse arrow keys to play this game.

Ben 10 Hills Ride

Ben 10 Hills Ride

Ben Ten hills ride game

Before you begin you need to choose your racer, each of them has different motorcycles. You can choose Ben Ten, who is on the bike and ready to ride on steep slopes and show the best time. Get points for completion of levels, besides you need to finish within a certain time period. Each level in Ben ten hills ride requires different style of riding. Sometimes the best would be to accelerate and literally fly at high speed and in some cases it is better to go slowly, keeping a tight grip on the ground. Balance in order not to crash.

Use arrow to control Ben10 hills ride. Press up for gas, down for brake and reverse. Arrows "right" and "left" are responsible for the balance, they can be used to do spins in the air. The game is very interesting and dynamic, both small children and adults will like it.

Time to play racing game with your favourite character

Ben 10 hills ride games have battle mode against the aliens. Imagine 10 levels where you should not just drive and remain unscathed, but do it faster than your rivals, who are also racing for the victory. Go ahead and be the first at finish. Nobody says it is going to be an easy game, but will be very exciting one. You will be able to prove that you are the best races in the whole world.