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Pet Sledding for two player

Pet Sledding for two player

: 1671

How to play

Pet Sledding Game Controls Use arrow keys and WSAD keys to play this game.

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Pet Sledding game

Pet Sledding game is a lot of fun

During the descent use the arrow keys on your keyboard to maneuver on the slope. Collect the largest number of gifts on the way, at the same time try not to hit the stones. They appear on the road a few times per level, it happens very suddenly. If you happen to hit one then you will lose energy. Pet Sledding game ends when you run out of power.

Help Coconut, Sugar, Honey, Ginger and Licorice to finish with the best results in this virtual pet games. Expect different bonuses, they go by colours. Red means sweets and 100 points each. Blue is a nice bonus of 1000 points. And yellow is the most rare and important will give you energy. Indicator of energy is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. When you complete the level you will receive a reward of 5,000 points and a complete restoration of energy. Go through the levels one by one on a greater and greater speeds to set up a new record.

Play this online game for kids

Pet sledding has a mode for two players, you can have a good time and play pet sledding with your friends. Each player gets to choose his character. Controls - player 1, on the left uses keys "A" and "D". Second player uses usual arrow keys. It is necessary to collect bonuses, remember that they bring different benefits. To win earn more than your opponent.

This game will give you hours of fun gameplay. Colorful graphics, excellent animation and cute animals is just perfect. Have fun.

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