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Pony Creator

Pony Creator

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How to play

Pony creator Controls Use mouse to play this game

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This is how it all begins. First game from the series. Here every little fan of MLP will be able to create real masterpieces of design on the screen. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to take your chances. No matter what you will succeed.

How to play My little pony create a pony

Pony creator has several key features. In the column body you can choose height, weight and body type, there is an opportunity to add a wings. You can adjust colors with the help of sliders as well.

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Head section lets you to choose faces as well as their shape and you can even add horn. In the Eyes section choose what will be the eyes and eyebrows like, determine their size, features and color. Mane and Tail are two very similar sections, use them to make small pony great hairstyle and pick up the right tail. Using sliders pick the colours you want. My little pony even allows you to choose mouth of a heroine with emotions on it. The last and important function is Accessories, here you can find whole lot of different accessories for your beauty. Glasses, hats, watches, bracelets and shoes make the appearance even more original and create pony with style.

Ponycreator is for creative people

Pony games develop creativity in little cartoon lovers. The variety possibilities to customize your little horse friend is amazing. Play this game together with your friends, friendship is a blessing! A lot of bright and beautiful ponies are waiting for you. Start this journey to the magic world of mlp by making bizarre designs and creations. The whole world is yours, don’t restrict yourself.

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