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Gumball Jewel Match ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Gumball Jewel Match

Indy cat game has become popular and is gaining momentum with every day. Levels are randomly generated, one by one, so there will be a lot of diverse tasks for fans of three in a row games. Swap objects with their places and line up jewels of the same kind.

Gumball match is a really cool game to play

Game Indie Cat is completely free, what else do you need as a puzzle fan!? Spend your time with the benefit for your brains a brave cat and a treasure hunt will make this adventure full of fun moments!

gumball jewel matchindie cat gameThree in a row

You should play this game because:

Basically any bubble shooter game will always be relevant. Because they all are very simple but yet still so addicting and interesting. Entertainment of this nature requires attention from players. You need to look for gems of the same color, a huge playing field can discourage the player. You will need to calm down and not to be like our hero, as he is greatly confused.

Join the fun in this Indie cat game

We are pretty sure many of you asked the question: "How to actually pass the level in Indie Cat?". Well there is nothing complicated. Look in the upper left corner, there is a lot of useful information. The timer, each level has its own time limitations. Target - the number in this column indicates the required number of points earned. Score - shows the points that were already earned. You need to reach the goal, just make lines of the same color, they will vanish and you will get points. Each collected line brings 10 points, try to make a combination or remove more than three stones at a time. For a line of four stones you will get 20 points. Let's talk about combinations. When the line disappears, the stones above it descend. This usually result is new lines. When they disappear, you are awarded with points and a multiplier, even 60 points per line can be obtained quite realistically. So do whatever it takes to gain as many points as possible in order to move on to the next level. The cat will definitely appreciate your deed!