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Ben 10 Statue Fix ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Ben 10 Statue Fix

Ben 10 Statue Fix

Cool Ben 10 puzzle

This is a really cool online puzzle featuring popular character Ben 10. You need to put on a black and white schematic image of the hero colored pieces of the mosaic. So, the game has several levels, which alternately become more difficult. Before you start, you will see a color picture. You will have the choice of a legendary hero fighting evil - Ben 10 and two aliens. Both of them can be put together.

You have only few seconds to memorize the picture. Then the picture becomes transparent. But there remains an empty silhouette. You will need to put together small pictures from the image as shown. 5 minutes are devoted for this task. If you could not collect the puzzle on time, then you have to start over the level. In order to transfer a piece of the puzzle, just click on it and hold the left mouse button and move it to the desired part of the silhouette. If you do not know where to insert the puzzle, move the mouse cursor over any part of the sketch. This area will become colorful and the outline of the piece will be visible. If you put the piece of Ben 10 puzzle into a wrong spot, it will automatically return back to the pile. At each successive level the difficulty will increase. The picture will be divided into more and more pieces. Сharacters have many difficult elements. It does not matter if it fails the first time.

One of the best Ben 10 games

In this game you will have to be attentive to small details and without losing time, correctly spread out pieces of the puzzle. The earlier you put the full picture together, the more points you get for passing the level. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can pass the level again. Be sure, Ben 10 Statue Fix game will brighten up your leisure. All the level will bring you joy. This game is suitable for both adults and children. Everyone will appreciate it. Start playing this amazing puzzle game right now.