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Ben 10 Monster cards ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Ben 10 Monster Cards

Ben 10 Monster Cards

Any logic game is not just fun to play but also useful in a sense. In this particular game you will need to find matching tile. But any game becomes twice as cool if it has your favourite cartoon heroes in it.

Find a pair for a Ben 10 Monster Cards

For someone who doesn't know anything about Ben Ten, one should get acquainted with his interesting history. Ben Tennyson, seemingly an ordinary boy, but he is far from being that simple. Once he found in the forest unusual watches, endowed with super strength. They are called Omnitrix and have the ability to turn Ben into one of ten aliens. Thanks to them our hero can fight with the universal evil and will save the Earth from the evil plans of the villains more than once. He is a real hero and role model to look up to.

Play Ben 10 Card game

Ben 10 Monster Cards Game has time limitations. In total you have three levels to choose from. The difficulty of each of them depends on the amount of time and cards. At the first level you will have 60 seconds and 10 cards. In the second there will be 14 cards, and the timer will be set for 10 seconds less. And in the third level there will be as much time as in the previous level, but the cards will already increase to 20.

While opening the cards, it is better to move from one side to another, in order to be less confused and better remember where and what is what. The cards depict Ben himself, his sister Gwen and a variety of scary aliens. Turn each card and find the appropriate one by playing Ben Ten 10 cards games.