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Ben 10 Jigsaw ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Ben 10 Jigsaw

Ben 10 Jigsaw

Cool game Ben 10 Jigsaw puzzle

To begin with I recommend you to remember the image you will put together. Ben Ten is in the center of the picture and around him there are the superheroes from the space. The ones he can transform into with the help of his magic Omnitrix watch. His sister Gwen is also here. When you become acquainted with the picture, you need to choose the difficulty down below. There are 4 levels in total, they all differ greatly from one another. In the "easy" difficulty mode, you will have 12 fragments and not very much time to put them together. There is nothing difficult, you just need to be in time, but the very first time it might not work out don’t worry you always need to practice first. The second level - "medium" is no worse than the first one, but the number of pieces of the puzzle is already 4 times greater. There is also more time, it does not pass as swiftly as in the first level and it is for good as it does not make you panic. The next level of complexity is called "hard", you need to find a place for many parts that are chaotically mixed, with only 108 elements. But after taking some practice you will be able to accomplish this task as well. "Expert" is the last level, at this point you should be ready for 196 segments of the puzzle-mosaic. You need to be a true master in Ben 10 Jigsaw, so that you can put everything together and make it happen.

How to play Ben 10 Puzzle

After choosing the difficulty level the puzzle will open, and at the top of the screen you can see the line with the remaining time. Do not wait, quickly press the Shuffle button. The picture is intermixed and you can begin to put it together. When you will put Ben Ten jigsaw together you will see your time. To control the game use mouse, click the left button on the fragment and drag it to the desired place. It will be attracted to the initially adjacent piece, so you need to solve the whole puzzle.

You can also play without timer. To turn off this option click on the letter T in the upper right corner of the screen. There is also a change in difficulty modes. By clicking on the icon with the image in the upper left corner, you can always take look at the picture you are putting together. If you do not like the background music you can always turn it of by clicking of the speaker icon in lower right corner of the screen.

Ben Ten Puzzle game is suitable for all ages

Due to the wide range of difficulty modes, both children and adults can play and win. Ben Ten puzzles online are the game for everyone but especially for the fans of the animated series. Play and have fun at the same time, try to win at all levels.