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Instyle beauty queen ControlsUse mouse to play this game

Instyle beauty queen

Are you ready to create stunning image and unforgettable look for a model, so she will stun everyone with her appearance on the cover of the magazine. Go right ahead and start playing the game.

Game Magazine Cover for those who has style

Initially cover girl does not look good enough for the magazine, but you are here to help her as a professional stylist. You will fix the situation with the help of many variations of cosmetics, accessories and hairstyles. Show your magic to make any girl look great for game magazine cover.

Instyle beauty queen

Prepare for the cover game

It is best to start Instyle beauty queen with a skin tone, because as you know it defines what color lipstick and everything else to pick up. Further you should probably choose the color of eyes, as it should emphasize the shadows. Blush is also very important attribute. It will help your skin look healthier and will highlight cheekbones. Eyebrows can be drawn with, you can find suitable form to your opinion. Mascara, eyeliner and eyelashes will give distinguished look to girl’s eyes, you will see the transformation right away. Lipstick plays a huge role. The bright red one will make of the girls a real femme fatale. Magazine Cover game gives you a lot of options to really create a unique look.

There are 6 different hairstyles. Hair colors vary from light to black. All of them are wonderful.

At the end of game Magazine Cover you have to determine the color of nail polish. There are only plain options, but there are also French manicure and nail polish with patterns. To finish the style of the girl you will need accessories. There are a lot of earrings, bracelets and chains.

It remains only to choose magazine cover itself. You have a few popular magazines to choose from: InStyle, Elle and Seventeen. So it's up to you. Magazine Cover should match the style of the girl, because if you decide to make her a fatal beauty, youth magazine is not suitable at all.

We hope you'll make the most beautiful looks in this magazine cover game for your models and who knows, may be one day you’ll be the one to beautify magazine cover.