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Kikoriki Coloring Pages

Kikoriki Coloring Pages

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How to play

Kikoriki Coloring Pages Controls Use mouse to play this game.

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Kikoriki Coloring pages is an excellent game for the youngest players and fans of the popular cartoon series. After simply reading the name it immediately becomes clear what we will do. Characters today will be long familiar characters. You will not have any difficulties with the selection of colors, the Kikoriki game palette is very extensive, so it will be very easy to choose. An example of what a drawing should look like, has been repeatedly demonstrated on the screens of your TVs. Armed with your imagination and with genuine desire to paint all the pictures that are presented in this game you will have fun. In this case, you will succeed in achieving your goal, and the result will surpass all expectations.

Kikoriki Coloring game

Start the game and the first drawing appears on the screen. In the upper right corner there are two icons, they show a brush and an eraser. Click on the brush and a huge palette appears on the screen. The cursor becomes a brush and you can select the color. Next step, click on the drawing element that you want to paint. The item immediately acquires the selected shade. Using the eraser you can completely erase the previously painted area in the picture. Kikoriki Coloring Game will help you relax. Now you do not need to sharpen pencils or get dirty in watercolor. Get maximum pleasure and a bit of good mood.

Kikoriki Coloring PagesKikoriki gamesKikoriki Coloring Pages

All the images that are collected in this game, will show you interesting stories from the life of your favorite characters. In the first picture you can see how Olga holds the kettle, she probably invites the other heroes to a tea party. Carefully inspect the drawing you can see that some of the details have already been painted over. Their color can not be changed, start from the colors that were used. In this case, you can create a good drawing, and the work will be done nicely. Bring it to the end Olga will find its colors and can go on. To select the next picture, click the "Next" button, it is located in the lower left corner of the game screen. Krash and Carlin are waiting for you together, right on the same picture. It seems that the raven fell from the sky and hurt a little. That's probably why Krash is smiling. Try to color them, you already know what and how to do there will be no difficulties from now on. The third picture will tell about the everyday life of the moose scientist. Dokko looks into another textbook and tries to make the right measurements. The telescope will help him to open new celestial bodies. Black color will be excellent for this page, astronomers are busy with their own affairs in the dark, and Dokko is an astronomer. In the following coloring pages you can see how Rosa and Carlin are preparing for the celebration of Halloween. Krash will find a huge boot, and Chiko tries on new and fashionable glasses. This is all the pictures! In such a company it's simply impossible to get bored! Get the most from the coloring pages with Kikoriki!

Features of Kikoriki Coloring pages

Try this excellent game for yourself! A huge number of drawings will help you spend a lot of free time and will bring only positive emotions. If you are a supporter of classic coloring pages, Gogoriki Games will provide you with a useful opportunity. If you have a printer you can transfer the workpiece or the finished drawing to paper. In the lower right corner there is a "Print" button, with its help you can open the printer control window. Spend your time with your favorite heroes!

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