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How to play

Snoring game controls Use mouse

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Snoring game

Create a chain reaction to push the elephant with the help of animals who have sleeping disorders. Become the “good guy” and save the night. This is the time to show your management skills.

Snoring game is where you need to wake up the elephant

It seems like nothing complicated, but do not make hasty conclusions. With each new level of Snoring game more and more action will be required from you. The key to success is timing and the ability to use each animal at the right moment. The game will suit both children and adults. This fun storyline and colorful characters will not get you bored. There are 35 exciting levels, in each of which elephant annoys his neighbors, sleeping in places where it would be difficult to reach Snoring elephant. But animals can no longer tolerate the noize. They are taking desperate steps to finally relax and not to hear loud elephant. And you have to help them with it. New characters will be adding with new levels. At the beginning of the level you will be informed about their abilities. Some of the little animals can perform several actions. To slightly complicate the game, at every level there is a countdown. So try to act without hesitations. Speed will give you more points. You can start the level again, if you are not satisfied with the results or you failed the level. Controls of the game are very simple. To use the character you just need to click on it.

Play snoring - it is fun

Play Snoring to distract for a while and to think logically in a fun atmosphere. You can play your friends and laugh together over the marvelous characters. It is so interesting that you'll want to play it again and again. This game is a real treasure so do not hesitate to jump into action and help poor animals with their problems. And don’t forget to share it with family and friends on your favourite social media.

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