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Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2

: 2349

How to play

Rogue Soul 2 game controls To move use arrow keys: Z -slide, X - throw.

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Rogue Soul 2

This is a really cool game with unusual plot twist and content. On your way to the end you will meet 16 unique enemies, after the massacre of which you can get a lot of loot (​​belongings of your enemies). Our hero has a lot of skills. He does not just a street gangster, who decided to become a criminal, but a real talent. Our thief is able to run on the walls, roll under obstacles, double jump and jump off the walls to move up. But he is also a gallant gentleman, who is giving flowers to the ladies and in return he receives Power ups.

Rogue soul 2 game

In the game you will have to follow simple rules: see, analyze, dodged and attacked. Longer combinations will pay you more money. Throwing weapon helps you achieve goals. Stay on the left side of the barrier. Use all your skills to the maximum. And finally - be irresistible. Combine all the knowledge at once to improve your hero as well as your personal skill in this uneasy but very rewarding game.

For a change rogue soul 2 game has a lot of costumes for the main character. This game is also full of different kinds of weapons. It is divided into two types: normal and throwing. You will be given the chance to try them out and choose what you like best.

It is time for Rogue 2

What about improvements for your hero, you can purchase them in the game menu. For this purpose there is a market in the game, where you can improve 10 parametres of your character. Each of these parameters is aimed at a specific skill or useful ability. On the market there is a black market section, where they sell all kinds of useful stuff. In addition, on the market you can learn new movements which will exalt over your enemies. This is very important feature in Rogue 2.

Of course do not forget to release all prisoners and to collect as much gold as you can, all this will affect the passing of the level. Play rogue soul 2, be the best at what you are doing and finish the game, have fun.

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