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Rogue soul

Rogue soul

: 1510

How to play

Rogue Soul controls Move with the help of arrow keys. D - open parachute, F - slide, G - throw.

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Rogue soul

You play a street crook , while the significance of his person and reputation among men worth 42 only gold coins, while for the capture of Huda Borin (the great criminal) they pay as much as 5000 coins. It is very upsetting to your character, so he tries to become more popular. So this how this game unveils its plot. And to become more “popular” your character will need to steal as many jewels, cups and gold coins, as he can and to defeat guardians to set up the most expensive custody. All this will positively affect his reputation of Rogue soul. If you do something, be the best at it, even if it means to be the biggest crook in the world. Now that you know what expects you go ahead and start Rogue soul game right now.

Rogue soul game

Controls of Rogue soul game is not particularly difficult, but when the hero begins to run fast, through the city with lots of obstacles, huge gaps and vicious guards it can become a little bit confusing. Run forward and backward by using the arrows. Press up to jump, when you double-click you double jump. D - open the parachute, F - slide, G - throw daggers. You can also use some items from the environment, for example you can take a ride on the rope. At the end of the game you can press space or enter, to start over. So it is not super challenging to play.

How to play Rogue soul

Here are some tips that will definitely help you with this game. First of all it is important to stay away from the right edge of the screen, because you need to see obstacle in front of you. To defeat an enemy you need synchronize your actions at the right time. In order to increase your score while you play Rogue soul, you need to perform as many tricks, steal as many treasures as you can. By pressing down button you can jump from the platform. During the jump you can press the arrow down for a quicker descent. The faster you fall, the higher you bounce. Keep an eye on the sides, while running, because you might miss hidden treasures. To defeat the soldiers, armed with axes, you need to slide and run forward at the same time. Signs in the shape of arrows show you the directions and danger signs warn you of large gaps or multiple enemies.

As for the awards in the game, you can get 4 different medals: bronze (750), silver (1000), gold (1400), platinum (1800). You have your own room, where you store the stolen goods and can follow your achievements. Try to break the record and achieve a rating of more than 5000 gold. By the way, you should be able to notice its similarity to the famous Assassin's creed.

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