Nyan Cat: Lost In Space
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Nyan Cat lost in space

Nyan Cat lost in space

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How to play

Nyan Cat lost in space game controls To jump use left button on the mouse or UP arrow key.

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This flash game is about one of the first online memes that ever existed. It became online sensation and a lot of people literally fall in love with it. Poor cat was lost in space and he is very hungry. Now you will have to help poor little furry ball to find some treats and score some crazy points.

Nyan Cat lost in Space is fun

Nyan cat lost in space is for those with specific sense of humor, it can be a lot of fun to spend time with this wonderful kitty. This game is a real hit and attracted a lot of attention, try it and you will definitely enjoy it. You should set up a record and write your name in the table of honor.

Nyan Cat Nyan Cat game Nyan Cat lost in space

In Nyan Cat lost in space game you have to jump from one surface to another, if you fall you lose. Try to stay on higher platforms in order to save some platforms below you, if you happen to fall down. But sometimes you can jump very high, it means you have reached a sort of a cosmic trampoline. Control the game with the help of left button of the mouse or arrow up, double click on the button means higher jump. When you receive bonuses change the trajectory by moving the cursor in front the character. It might take you some time to actually get used to the unusual controls but this is the beauty of any new game after all. And remember this is not just a game this is the game that blew people’s minds out of nowhere. Even though some time has passed it still holds its positions of sort of internet classics.

Nyan Cat game is full of positive emotions

Begin your journey through the land of collectable delicious treats, the amount collected is displayed in the top right corner of the screen,. There are special items, they give the kitten new skills and abilities. Milk - multiplies the points for 10 seconds. Choose a route full of food, main hero will be happy and even will give comments. The ball will let you jumps higher, but it will be hard to control the character. Magnet will help you attract food. Tablet will give you speed, but it has side effects. Emerald, ruby ​​and diamond are the coolest and most successful discoveries. First one gives invulnerability for 45 seconds, the second doubles points, for ¾ minutes and the last one will replace the milk. In Nyan Cat game you will meet opponents as well, you should avoid them. Aliens, evil cats and dogs are deadly.

All fans of original video will be happy to play this game, as it applies to the arcade lovers. Cool idea, graphics and music will leave the best impression. Play time passes rather quickly and after a loss it would be desirable to try once more to finally win.

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